Post Op Nutrition for your Pooch

Is there a common misconception out there about man’s best friend?

Ask pet parents about the composition of their dog’s dinner, and you may hear a resounding agreement that our furry friends are, exclusively, meat eaters.

Although they are closely related, dogs don’t follow their, somewhat, wilder cousins exactly, where diet is concerned. Wolves, being meat eaters, love chowing down on smaller creatures and hoofed animals like moose, elk, and deer; dogs, however, need a little something extra. Variety!

Technically classed as omnivores, a canine’s eating plan can benefit from the addition of grain, fruit, and vegetables like spinach and watermelon—even seafaring organisms like algae can supercharge their nutrition. Yes, balance is key when it comes to Buster the Beagle, he doesn’t want to go full-on vegan, or even vegetarian, and he sure won’t settle for meat-only. Buster craves balance.

As a veterinarian, you understand the importance of a healthy diet, and how vital it is for pet owners to serve the most nutrition-dense, palatable food every day. They want to maintain a happy, healthy pet; but what about a diet suitable for them, post-op, or when recovering from illness?

What makes an ideal recovery diet?

Once a companion animal is out of surgery, staying over in your practice for a little R&R, the best in-house feeding in the hours following are super important. Think about if you were recovering from surgery: you’d be worse for wear; only wanting to sleep so your body can repair; and not in the mood for a massive feed! Nope, slow and steady wins this race. So how can we ensure pets get gold standard chow to get them back to their best selves?

  • Support the restoration and maintenance of lean body mass with protein-rich foods.
  • Encourage the dog to eat small amounts of highly-nutritious foods. Yes, they may not be in the mood for much, but a high-energy diet will support even the poorliest pooch.
  • Ensure they have easily-digestible ingredients, as they may not be absorbing nutrients as well as they did, pre-surgery.
  • The taste factor is so important. They’re feeling down, so make sure they enjoy food while they recover in your care.

Your pet parents may need to continue feeding their pooch the same high-quality grub while in recovery mode at home. So offering them the best, most affordable and high quality option is paramount. Remember, they deserve the best care even after they leave your capable hands.

To learn more about recovery nutrition, check out Calibra’s Veterinary Exclusive diet. Ask your Covetrus rep about current promos on petfoods, contact the ordering team, or, cut out the middle man and use Connect Online Ordering.

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