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Connect Online Ordering

Online Ordering

Ordering what your practice needs, when you need it should
be simple. That’s why we developed Connect Web, our
combined digital ordering and analysis package.


On farm solutions

A mobile solution which integrates with RoboVet practice management software. Using 4G android technology, Pharmtrax will track locations, time spent in the field, scan and dispense pharmaceuticals both online & offline and maintain your profitability.

Covetrus Consultancy


Covetrus Consultancy

Covetrus Consultancy provides a tailored analysis of your business, providing visibility into areas of potential growth and supporting Gold Standard care within your practice.

Robovet & Rx Works

Practice Management Solutions

Our software solutions assist you in enhancing your practices profitability and productivity by simplifying the management of your business and providing a user-friendly platform which can be easily implemented.


Purchasing compliance

The easy way to ensure you match clinical excellence with efficient procurement. We will work with you to identify the key products which you want to standardise on for your practices and automate swap over.

Intelligent Inventory

Stock management

How much of your money is tied up old inventory? Intelligent
Inventory is designed specifically to aid in the increase of profitability through properly maintained stock levels.

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