Pet Nutrition

We stock over 3,000 lines of pet food from all the leading manufactures We stock a range of market leaders, specialist veterinary prescription diets, value brands & complementary foods.

Pet nutrition

We stock over 3,000 lines of pet food from all the leading manufactures, covering everything from specialist veterinary prescription diets to value brands and complementary foods; Covetrus stock everything to cover your patient’s varying palettes and nutritional needs.

The pet food business is a lucrative one. The UK pet food market value, according to the Pet Food Manufacturers Association, is over £2 billion. The European Pet Food Industry Federation (FEDIAF) estimates that there are 132 pet food producing companies. We can help you with;

  • Maintaining competitive pricing.
  • Reducing customer footfall – online purchases of pet food lead to the loss of other income streams for vet practices, worm and flea treatments for example.
  • Customer compliance – bonding the customer to the practice for regular visits.
  • Customer expectation that in-house feeding will be free.
  • Switching end consumers from familiar food brands (often with palatability enhancers) to more profitable alternatives.

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