Why We Care About Sri Lankan Street Dogs

In case you’ve been living under a rock and missed the memo, we’re obsessed with empowering veterinary practices across the globe, and as a result, we’ve joined forces with Sri Lankan-based charity WECare Worldwide.

Vet, Janey Lowes (below) founded the organisation in October 2014 after a holiday to Sri Lanka left her appalled by the plight of local street dogs. Witnessing the desperate need for proper veterinary care, WECare Worldwide was born.

Touched by Janey’s story, we donated over £10,000 worth of kit and software in the form of RoboVet, which played a huge role in creating the first, and only, 24-hour veterinary clinic in Sri Lanka. In July of this year, we also donated over a thousand pounds worth of Calibra Veterinary Diet pet foods to help aid in the recovery of the dogs.

Stephanie Bryan, Managing Director EMEA of Covetrus Global Software Services contends that: “We decided to back WECare Worldwide because animal welfare is at the core of everything we do. Janey’s story is one that simply cannot be ignored. The scale of the street dog problem in Sri Lanka is immense, and we at Covetrus felt by donating our software services to Janey’s practice, could transform and save countless lives.” Jamie Tattersfield, Director of Customer Operations added: “We donated the Practice Management Software RoboVet, several monitors and work stations, x-ray units and servers amongst others. It’s paramount that we equip Janey and the vets at WECare with the latest forms of software, to ensure the animals are being treated with the same standard of technology as we have here in the UK.”

Janey Lowes, founder of WECare Worldwide states: “It is really important to me that, as we grow as a charity, we don’t forget our roots and those who helped us and showed faith in us when we really were very unknown. Covetrus was one of very few who went above and beyond to help us and understood the greater need in terms of improving animal welfare and veterinary standards worldwide. I really wanted to come to Edinburgh and touch base with all the incredible people who have worked their socks off to help the street dogs in Sri Lanka. It’s also great to update them on what their support has helped us achieve out there. We are incredibly lucky to work alongside such a forward-thinking, responsible company and we can’t wait to see what the future brings.”

Janey Lowes holds street dog in Sri Lanka

This relationship between Covetrus and WECare has seen thousands of street dogs receive life-saving treatments and high-quality veterinary care. Covetrus will continue to share WECare Worldwide’s story in the hope of raising awareness and donations for the fantastic veterinary work that is taking place.

To find out more about WeCare and see how you can help, visit wecareworldwide.

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