Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

If you’re in business, but aren’t creating content for the online space, you might as well shut up shop! Okay, perhaps a slight exaggeration, but you can’t underestimate the power of online content to drive sales, create brand recognition and increase customer loyalty. If you’re the type who isn’t digitally savvy, not knowing where on earth to begin, never fear the Covetrus experts are here! Our own marketing maestros are on hand to help you kick off your social media strategy. But first: let’s take at why it’s so important to have an online presence.

Familiarity Breeds…Profits!

Much like the feel of a hard copy newspaper, or paperback book, you simply can’t compete with old-fashioned human contact. That feeling when you enter a space, seeing that familiar face with whom you’ve done business before. With the shake of a hand and a wink of the eye, you enter into—what always feels like—a safe, secure transaction. They know your brand, your personality, and what kind of quality products/services you purvey. What if you could take that familiar feeling and plonk it online? You can utilize social media, or any online content platform, to keep that feel. Sure, it’s not face-to-face, but hey, it’s the closest we’ve got in this digital world. Use your own signature tone of voice to create posts on Facebook, captions on Instagram and maintain that offline connection in your online space.

Moving further with that idea, think about how you can leverage the power of video; Imagine if your buyers could see the face they recognise. And you don’t need to invest in expensive equipment—you have a perfectly good camera right there in your pocket. Using the magic of your smartphone, take a shot at Facebook/YouTube live, or record some top tips that will add heaps of value to your tribe.

You Can Leave Your Hat On!

Working in a small business means you’re probably doing the job of 3-4 people, being in several places at once, or wearing multiple hats. If you feel like managing social media is another task you just don’t have time for, there are things you can do to minimize the amount of time it needs: you can get a free tool like Buffer or Hootsuite, platforms allowing users to schedule publication of content straight to your channels, meaning you don’t have to sit there and press the post each and every day. Such a time saver. You can outsource content from freelancer content makers to write posts, capture images and, that all important part of social media, being social. A surprising amount of time is spent chatting and responding to comments, questions and concerns, but believe it when we say it will pay dividends.

Analyze That!

When customers enter your busy retail space and make a purchase, it can be difficult to gauge each and every buying experience. It also may be tricky to ask for feedback or commentary on their visit. With social media you have the added bonus of free analytics. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest all have built, free-to-use analytics, allowing you to see who’s been engaging with you online. What’s been your best-performing Tweet in April? How many new potential leads have you made on Facebook? Additionally, this kind of reporting can help develop a stronger sense of who your customer is. Much like business analytics offered through Covetrus Consultancy, your online reports are a non-negotiable. When it comes to analytics, if you’re not in-the-know, how can you grow.



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