Covetrus launches handheld urine sediment analyser

scil Vet SA hand

Covetrus, the global leader in animal health and technology has launched its brand new urine sediment analyser, the scil Vet SA.

The revolutionary in-house diagnostic device—available exclusively through Covetrus Diagnostics—enables veterinarians to analyse urine sediment, achieving results in a mere three minutes.

Combining patented optical technology and a compact design, the scil Vet SA evaluates cells, crystals, casts and bacteria, displaying information numerically, as well as via holographic imaging. Results can be automatically transmitted to the veterinary practice management software for diagnosis.

The instrument is manufacturer-calibrated and ready-for-use with an integrated high-resolution optic, which takes pictures in a large field of view, guaranteeing the most accurate results.

In contrast to the common microscope, the urine component is not simply enlarged. The device sends a light beam, which creates a light wave. This light wave, characteristically changed by the object, is analysed at the detector and the object is identified.

Covetrus Diagnostics Specialist, Lisa Martin understands that:

Urine Sediment Analysis has previously taken staff time in sample preparation and microscopy, relying on a member of your team to deliver your results. With the scil Vet Urine SA, the work is done in just 3 minutes from only 20ul of fresh, uncentrifuged urine.  Your staff are free to continue with patient care. No complicated cleaning processes are required for this revolutionary instrument, using the latest holographic technology. The future is in the palm of your hand.

For more information on the scil VET SA, contact the Covetrus team today.

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