On the Road Again: Managing Your Workload

In any profession, paperwork can be a pain. Administration tasks can be, more often than not, tedious and, let’s face it—boring. You decided to become a veterinarian to help animals; to ensure pet parents enjoy a happy life with their companions; to safeguard farmers’ healthy herds. You didn’t exactly sign up to count inventory and input data into Excel all day, right? But alas, data needs to be input and inventory must be counted.

As a large animal practitioner on-the-road, you’ll often find yourself bouncing from farm-to-farm, carrying out procedures and catching up with clients who you’ve, no doubt, built up a nice rapport with. You’re bound to lose track of time chatting…and eh working, of course! Did you spend an hour? Who knows? So, how much do you charge? We all know that scratching down notes and having to transcribe them isn’t the best use of your time. How can you optimise your time for maximum efficiency?

Well, trying to read your own handwriting in a diary and making intelligent guesses can be a thing of the past. We developed Pharmtrax, a device that gives you control over your stock and control over that all-important asset: time. You can record time spent on the farm, procedures carried out, and any pharmaceuticals dispensed.

Graham Stephens from Wood Vets in Devon knows the pain of manual input all too well, working with a “Self-carbonating chippable docket on farms”, before he started using Pharmtrax: “one [docket] went to our accounts dept…and one went to the practice for client records, everything was then typed to the practice management system”

“Stock control wasn’t managed, it was difficult to record batch numbers and expiry dates. There wasn’t consistency across the vet team as far as how accurately and consistently about how batch numbers and expiry dates were recorded

There was a lot of manual input, it was double-checked and there was a lot of admin time for the office, and even down to the fact that there was storage of dockets from over the years that created a lot of bulk. There was also a lot of admin work for the team, which could have been used better elsewhere.”

Pharmtrax, which the large animal vet cites as, “very intuitive and user-friendly!” uses android-based technology in a robust terminal and was developed in collaboration with the Covetrus Software team’s PMS, Robovet.

The nifty GPS feature can track when a job starts and stops, giving you the tools to charge more effectively and accurately for your time. Simply select a procedure and products needed, scan the goods and say hello to a better way to work remotely.  

The handy Bluetooth label printer connects to the main terminal, giving the farmer all the dispensing info they need. The smartphone-sized device maintains a record of all your products and clients, so all info you need is accessible even when you’re out of data, or in the absolute back end of nowhere! As soon as there is a data connection, Pharmtrax delivers all of the data from the device direct to Robovet.

To learn more visit www.covetrus.co.uk/pharmtrax

As always, we want to hear from you: what tips can you share with your fellow vets to manage your time and workload more effectively. Leave a comment below or join in the conversation on social.

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